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14K Gold & Swarovski Original Gems 

Sparkle Up Your Smile More With Our Teeth Jewelry

If there is one style that is booming right now, then that has to be Teeth Jewelry. Those little sparkles on your white teeth will elevate your personality to a new level and make you look like a complete badass! Now, you must be wondering from where you should get one. Well, your search not, fortunately, comes to an end when you have us at NGN Body Jewelry to the rescue!

Whether you want some in solid metal like gold or silver or want to add a stud or diamond to your teeth, we have some of the brilliant options for you to cover. So, let’s not waste any time and see what we have in store for you.

The gold versions:

We have been making the best jewelry for your teeth using premium quality gold as its main raw material. This jewelry is made from 18, 14, 22, and 24k gold. To top it all, some of the products have diamonds on them, which are of brilliant-cut 0, 01 and 0, 02 ct.

  • You can get the best bonding dental jewelry, which is easy and fast, and any dentist can perform well with it.
  • Check out all the possible options we have with the bonding jewelry, and then you can head for the option that seems to be the best suited for your use.
  • The sizes will vary, and you can place it on any tooth you want. So, the style will mark your way, and we can further customize the teeth jewelry if you want any specifications.
  • Just give us some time while we come up with some of the brilliant customized ideas for you.

The rates are pretty reasonable, and anyone can purchase the same. Moreover, if you plan to purchase the Tooth jewelry in bulk order, then pay the wholesale rate for the same. It is another way to save some big bucks with us by your side.

Use of Swarovski Original Gems:

This is yet another interesting factor that gives up a boost in terms of the high-end competitive market out there. We are not just going to use the best gold versions for the dental jewelry but will use top-level Swarovski Original Gems to math with the base. So, the gems will stay in their places for as long as you want and won’t degrade the shine!

Give us a call right now if you want the perfect wholesale teeth jewelry from our side!

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