Push and Press Fit Jewelry & Threadless Body Jewelry

All Push-In N.Gen® Jewel Tops fit on any N.Gen® Push-In Shaft

All Gauges N.Gen® Shaft have Same Size Threadless Hole. Use Opal,  Swarovski CZ and AAA Grade CZ, do not use Rhinestone.

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F-136 Eli Titanium N.Gen® Jewel Top

F136 Eli Titanium Wave New Bezel Set Cabochon Opal Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 2.5mm~4.0mm Flat Disc 3 Color...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Clear Cubic Zirconia Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push, FineBezel Set Industrial Connector 4mm &...
F136 Eli Titanium Opal Redish White Bezel Set Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push, Fine Bezel Set Industrial Connector...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Clear Cubic Zirconia Trinity, Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 4 Color Ways White Clear, Fancy...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Clear Cubic Zirconia 7 CZ Petal, Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 4.5mm &5.5mm , 5...
F136 Eli Titanium Original Swarovski Cubic Zirconia Not Rhinestone(Gem) Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push Line Cluster 4 Color Ways...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Clear Cubic Zirconia Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push, Fine Prong Set New Setting Way...
F136 Eli Titanium Claw Set Opal Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 3.0~5.0mm Ball 4 Color Ways Radish White,...

Threadless Body Jewelry – All The Way From NGN Body Jewelry

Join hands with us at NGN Body Jewelry and enjoy all the push-in jewel tops fitted for any of the push-in shafts from our store. We have been working hard to craft some of the brilliantly chosen Threadless Body Jewelry for a long time now. It is obviously our years of working experiences, which gave us the knowledge to create outstanding pieces for you to enjoy.

Let’s just say that we have done our market research! We know what clients are actually looking for and have crafted the best jewelry out of that. We believe that designs keep on changing, and we would love to cope up with those changes over here. So, you will find the trendiest and modern jewel tops from our side as well!

Brilliant and trendy options by your side:

Keep on browsing our site from time to time, and you will come across some handy designs every day. Right from the white diamonds to some sparkling colorful gems, we have so many options under our Push-fit jewelry collection. So, you are never out of options when you have us by your side. So, let’s not waste any time and get hands-on with our wholesale push-fit jewel tops now!

Get F-136 Eli Titanium N.Gen® Jewel Top from our side:

Once you have logged online, you will be bombarded with options under F-136 Eli Titanium N.Gen® Jewel Top. All our Gauges N.Gen Shaft will have the same size as the threadless hole.

  • We will be using the AAA Grade CZ, Opal, and Swarovski CZ without items over here.
  • But, we will request the users not to use Rhinestones with our push fits as that won’t work much.

You better log online to check more about the general body jewelry we have in store. Make sure to log online and register with us to find out more about the prices of these pieces.

Some options we have:

We would request you to come and join us to learn about press fit jewelry more. Some of the brilliant options, which are gaining worldwide popularity, are:

  • Opal WAVE New Bezel Set - F136 Eli Titanium
  • Swarovski Bezel Set Connector - F136 Eli Titanium
  • Opal Claw Set Ball-F136 Titanium
  • 7 CZ Petal Flower with Swarovski-F136 Eli Titanium, and more

Some of the gems are of pure white color, and then you have others, which are available in multiple color variations here.

Give us a call right away!

We can just tell you one thing, and that is the brilliance of our jewelry! So, in case you are looking forward to the top-level push-fit piercing products, we have all the major ones in store for you.