Eli Titanium Body Jewelry

F136 Titanium is Implant Grade Titanium Alloy
Titanium is 40% lighter than steel and Bioaffinity Material.
It is good enough reason for use Body Jewelry
We do not use Rhinestone
Recommend for Initial Piercing
Made in Korea
N.Gen® F136 Titanium are F136 Titanium Threadless Labret Shaft, F136 Titanium Threadless Barbell Shaft, F136 Titanium Swarovski CZ Jewel Top, F136 Titanium One Side Ball Fixed Threadless Shaft and F136 Both Side Threadless Shaft. All Shafts are Push In, Threadless Universal Use, can fit all gauges and size
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N.Gen® F136 Titanium

F136 Eli Titanium Claw Set Opal Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 3.0~5.0mm Ball 4 Color Ways Radish White,...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Cubic Zirconia Bezel Set Drum Disc Type 2 Size, 3/8" * 7/16" White Clear 4...
F136 Eli Titanium AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia 7 CZ Petal, Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push 2 Size with Clear...
F136 Eli Titanium Swarovski Clear Cubic Zirconia Jewel Top for N.Gen® Push, Fine Prong Set New Setting Way...
F-136 Eli Titanium Both Side Have Holes Push-In(Threadless)  Straight Shaft All use for N.Gen® Jewel Top 16g(1.2mm) * 3/8"(10mm)...
F-136 Eli Titanium Push-In(Threadless)  Labret Shaft All use for N.Gen® Jewel Top 16g(1.2mm) x 4mm Disc End 1/4"(6mm), 5/16"(8mm)...
F-136 Eli Titanium One Side Ball Fixed  Push-In(Threadless)  Straight Shaft 16gauge(1.2mm) 1/4"(6mm), 5/16"(8mm) & 3/8"(10mm) with 3mm Ball ---...
F136 Eli Titanium Drum Style Bezel Set Opal Navel Ring Internally Threaded 3/8"(10mm) 4 & 6mm Opal Set Mini...

Eli Titanium Body Jewelry – Marked For Their Efficient Looks And Durability

Among all the metals used for manufacturing jewelry, titanium is right at the top of the popularity ladder. There are so many reasons for this metal being one of the reliable ones in terms of jewelry making. Not just for its long-term durability, but the classy look and skin- friendly nature make titanium one brilliant raw material in the jewelry-making business.

Right now, with us at NGN Body Jewelry, you will come across promising Eli titanium body Jewelry from our side. We have used premium titanium materials to manufacture our brilliant options. Each style is different from the rest, and we have so many of them in store for you.

Understanding the features:

Before you jump straight to any conclusion, it is better to take your time and understand more about the features we have listed under the Titanium Body Jewelry category. It will help you to realize the importance of our items and the reasons behind our growing popularity.

  • We are known to be using F136 Titanium as the premium quality implant grade titanium that allows for jewelry items.
  • Titanium is considered to be 40% lighter when compared to steel and also bio affinity material. So, you can wear our titanium pieces for long hours and even days without feeling any pain in the piercing area.
  • Another interesting part is that our Titanium Body Jewelry is good enough for piercing any part of the body. We take extra care to choose the skin-friendly titanium material. So, you don’t have to fear rashes and irritation after the piercing is done properly.
  • Now, in terms of gems, we use authentic products and not fake rhinestones. So, the products will have a weight to them, but nothing that you can’t handle.
  • We would recommend you to use our titanium body jewelry for the initial piercing only. After that, you might have to shift to some gold options, available from our store as well.
  • All our products are made in Korea. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality and lasting impression of our products at all. A single click at our store will lead you towards N.Gen® F136 Titanium products. So, get your hands on some!

Save some money too:

This is yet another reason for you to come up to us at NGN Body Jewelry and order your premium products right now! We offer items at wholesale rates, thus; saving you some bucks! Call us now.