14K Gold Body Jewelry

Wholesale 14K Gold Body Jewelry, Opal, Swarovski CZ. Fine Setting. Best Quality Jewelry
"K14" mark on Jewelry
Wholesale Threadless Push Style & Internally Threaded, Welcome to Custom Made Order. Quality Guarantee
Made in Korea Body Jewelry
Our Wholesale 14K Gold Threadless Body Jewelry is Korea made and 14K Gold Push-In Labret Shaft, 14K Gold Push-In Barbell Shaft, 14K Gold Eyebrwo Shaft and Belly.
Those are 14K Gold Threadless Shaft and Push Pin Jewel Top Combination. Any of 14K Gold Jewel Tops can fit all Threadless shaft of N.Gen® Shaft.
When  Not enough Stock, Order will be put Back Order and It will be shipped in two weeks.
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Solid Gold

Internally Threaded 14Kt Jewelry --- Swarovski Cubic 18g*1/4"(6mm) & 5/16"(8mm) 3mmx 1.5mm 3 Diamond 3.4mm x4.6 Cartilage, Ear...
14Kt Solid Gold Twisted Hoop 22g(0.6mm) 2 Size CZ : 5/16"(8mm) & 3/8"(10mm) Package Served for 20pcs  
14Kt Yellow Gold Ball Top Nose Stud 1.4mm Ball End  and Straight End Box Pack for 20pcs order  
14Kt Yellow Gold Ball Top Nose Stud 1.4mm & 1.8mm Ball End  and Straight End Box Pack for 20pcs...
Internally Threaded 14Kt Diamond Jewelry --- 18g*1/4"(6mm) & 5/16"(8mm) 7 Diamond 4mmx3,6mm Mini Flower Cartilage, Ear Piercing Jewelry Jewel Top,...
Internally Threaded 14Kt White Gold Swarovski CZ 16g * 5/16"(8mm) 3mm-3mm CZ Rook Piercing, Eyebrow, Cartilage and Belly "K14"...
 14Kt Yellow Gold Nipple/Tongue 14g * 9/16"(14mm) and 5/8"(16mm) 5mm-5mm Plain Gold Ball Nipple, Tongue Barbell "K14" marked on...
Internally Threaded 14Kt Yellow Gold  16g * 9/16"(14mm) and 5/8"(16mm) 3mm-3mm Plain Gold Ball  Tongue etc. "K14" marked on...

Gold Body Jewelry Is Now Just A Click Away

Everyone loves a good piercing. It can be anywhere, either on your ear lobes or in the navel region. But getting pierced from a store is not the end of a story. You need to find the best jewelry, which will match your style and personality well and can help you get the best approach you have been looking for.

Gold is one of the main materials used for manufacturing jewelry, and the same rule is applicable for piercing products. Well, now your search for the best Gold Body Jewelry comes to an end with us at NGN Body Jewelry by your side!

Quality items by your side:

Being associated with the jewelry manufacturing field for such a long time, we know what you want in terms of embellishments. We have a team of hardcore individuals who are working tirelessly, day and night, to come up with magnificent jewelry ideas. So, next time you are looking for quality jewelry, be sure to get it from our side!

  • We have some of the standard options under 14k Gold Body Jewelry in store for you.
  • In case you want some unique and customized designs from our side, we are happy to help you with that as well.
  • The best part is that we address all your needs and provide you with a basic sketch of the jewelry first. It is only after getting your approval that we will start working on it.
  • Just give us 2 to 3 weeks’ time to master the design, and then present you with the exact replica of what you have asked for!

But, you don’t have to fear spending a good amount of money on customized jewelry from our side. Yes, the custom ones will be a bit expensive when compared to the standard ones, but you can afford that too. Moreover, if you are planning to get the jewelry at wholesale rates, that’s another way to save some bucks!

Quality gold is used:

For our Gold Body Jewelry, we have used 14k gold as the base materials. On top of that, you can embellish with Opal, Swarovski CZ to give it a brilliant and sparkling look.

  • We have a Wholesale Threadless Push Style for you, and it is internally threaded.
  • All our items are made in Korea.
  • There is jewelry for an eyebrow piercing, belly, ears, and more.

So, instead of wasting any time, give us a call and let us deliver your chosen items on time.